Our service in 4 stages

Are you facing the problem of renewing your bins or do you just want to move on to selective sorting?
We’ll be your partner throughout your project, which we generally roll out in 4 stages.

1. Customer’s problem

You contact us and tell us about your problems or your project to fit out your buildings, schools, exhibition halls, shopping centres, airports etc.

Full details are useful for us.


2. Advice

Thanks to our expertise, the wide range of modular bins we can offer and our limitless imagination, together we’ll find the solution that best suits you.

We can visit your site or make you welcome at a meeting in our showroom.

We take the time to listen to you and study the plans of your premises where necessary, so we can provide you with an offer that’s tailored to the size of your site, the number of your employees or visitors, and the capacity of your waste bags.


3. Customisation

As you’ll discover by looking at our catalogue, most of our bins are customisable. We’ll offer you a wide choice of colours and pictograms, depending on the waste you want to sort.

For even more clarity, you’ll get the option of adding a written message on the body of your bins. We’ll advise you on several names, but you’ll get to choose the wording and language with no restrictions.

Want to sort less common waste, like batteries, ink cartridges, coffee capsules or similar? No problem! We can modify our pictograms to match your requirements.

Do you want to put your own pictograms or logos onto your waste bins, ashtrays or benches? We can advise on an effective and aesthetic result.

Before we start to manufacture your waste bins, ashtrays or benches, we’ll send you a photo simulation of the final product as we’ll deliver it to you.


4. Delivery and assembly

Once your bins are ready, our own delivery team will contact you to decide the date, place and time for delivery to your site.

We also organise assembly for the modular bins and the on-site placement of your bins thanks to our assembly teams.